CCS Tandem Canoe Cover

CCS Tandem Canoe Cover
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Wind, rain, or changing weather conditions, standing waves, or extended trips; these are all situations where a quality canoe cover can make the difference. More than just protecting your gear, a canoe cover will give you greater paddling control and efficiency due to less wind resistance.

CCS has been creating custom canoe covers for about 35 years in a variety of styles to suit your needs. To help us meet your needs, take time to reflect on the type of paddler you are and any specific situations you may encounter.

All 3 piece Tandem Canoe Covers 420 Denier nylon

Removable map case


Paddle pocket/retaining straps
per pocket/strap

$35 per
Zip in/out cockpit

Modified Rivet Tool

CCS snap installation on hull (at factory)
Canoe Skirt Pattern
($50 credit towards purchase of cover)
$60 + shipping


* Note of Warning ...canoe covers are not for everyone! Canoe covers of any design can be life threatening if used without the proper training and practice exiting the skirt under controlled conditions. 

Price $750.00
Availability Phone Order 651-784-8777