Lean Plus - 1.1oz silicone Shelter

Lean Plus - 1.1oz silicone Shelter
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Taking Minimalist shelters forward. These 1.1 ounce silicone coated cloth shelters offer more useable space per ounce than tents. With the ridgeline set to 5 foot, the roof fabric extends 10 feet to the back of the structure. A 5 foot long awning is capable of closing off the front. The awning is wider at its furthest extent from the ridgeline by 2 feet, this makes for a good overlapping closure. Sides and or awning can be staked to create a tunnel like entrance to keep weather out and still maintain a large open entry. Includes zippered screen door and 12" sod cloth.

Lean1 (5’ wide at ridgeline)  --  38.3oz

Lean2 (7’ wide at ridgeline)  --  50.0oz

Lean3 (10’ wide at ridgeline)  --  59.0oz



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